Tuesday, July 16, 2013

RECORD / CD REVIEW: Shana Falana “Die Pfalz” (Team Love Records)

                When I first saw this single song listed on the Band Camp of Shana Falana, I thought that it was amazing that the music had made it to vinyl.    Shana Falana’s other three releases on Band Camp had been, as far as I know, only available as digital downloads.   Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity to get this record.

                You can take a link off of Shana Falana’s Band Camp page and head over to Team Love’s store to see what you’re getting, but yeah, I ordered this straight through the band on Band Camp and was still under the impression that it was one song on a record for some reason.   (It seems like it should have at least been two songs, an A and B side if you will, but who was I to judge the band that gave the world so much great music for free?)

                I then realized that I was not paying $16 for one song, but rather for three songs by Shana Falana.   And three songs by three other bands, which make a total of twelve songs.    While I spent time rationalizing spending that much money for a single song on record (Which I totally thought I did), I was just as much appreciative and happy to find out I’d be getting more than I bargained for here.

                All the information you need for this release can be found at the link, but really, it comes down to being four songs from four awesome bands.   The catch is, you pay $12 for a CD but if you pick up the record with it you pay $16.    When I read this on their website—that the CD came with an extra track from each band—I was upset because I thought, “Now I have to buy the CD too”.   Nope.  If you buy the vinyl, you get a copy of the CD and a cool poster to go along with it.

                Really, this is some great music.  I love Shana Falana and these three songs are no exception to that.   In addition, you’ll be impressed with Breakfast in Fur, Cycad and Bloodletters, which after thinking this was a single song is just icing on the cake.

                In a world where music has gone digital (which in ways is unfortunate), I strive to still find cassettes, records and even CDs worth owning.   With this release, you get the best of the record and CD world, as you really can’t have one and not the other.   All releases should strive to be so awesome.  

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