Monday, July 1, 2013

INTERVIEW: Mechanical Smile (Dawn)

1. I can see why you would get confused, although not many people do.  I don't think we would consider changing our name for you.......unless the price was right ha ha.

2.  In actual fact, Murray (drummer/backing vocals) is a Hobbit.  He has big hairy size 13 Hobbit feet and plays drums with his big hairy Hobbit feet on show. He's proud to be a Hobbit and we are proud to be from Ayshire.

3. I would love to tour with Placebo.  I've been a big fan for years and can't wait for their new album. I think their fans would dig our music and maybe me and Brian Molko can share some eye liner?

4. I really don't get the Paramore thing.  Some people always seem to compare us to bands like Paramore and Evanescence, I think that's just because we are rocky and have a girl singing. Paramore are a cool band but we all take our influences from different styles of music etc so I wouldn't say they have had any influence on our us to be honest.  I think we have something different going on, I play guitar and write the songs as well as sing, that gives us a different image on stage than most female fronted bands and I think our sound pretty unique.

5. I think it seems to be.  There are far more female fronted bands and female singer songwriters than there were 10 years ago and I think it is spreading over much more genres than before. The Marmozets being an example of what I'm talking about, such an amazing band, doubt you would have been hearing that 10 years ago.

6. I see your point and don't think it's sexist, and do see it as more descriptive.  I don't think 'Female Music' can really be described as a genre of music though, as you can't really talk about Gabrielle Aplin and Courtney Love being the same genre, 'Female Music'.  I would like it to be known as 'Music' and not Female music, but as I say I think it is better at this time for potential listeners to have an insight but maybe more genre specific than it is at the moment.

7. Yeah, we are planning a full length album, which we hope to start recording before the end of the year.  We have released 2 EP's and a few singles and we feel we are ready for an album.  It's quite exciting to think about releasing an album and we have started to write and demo some ideas already.  We have a busy gigging schedule ahead of us but I think this time next year you can expect us to have released our debut album.

8. Check us out on and
We are out on our 'Before The Fall' tour this summer so come and check us out at a show near you.  We also have some free downloads available from -
Thanks guys <3

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