Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Appendixes [Interview # 118]

1) Regardless of whether you wish to be supplementary material attached at the end of a piece of writing or that body part no one is really sure what it does, your name would imply that you like to have the last word on matters. Is this accurate?
2) You are from Portland, Oregon, which I only really know about because of the show Portlandia. How good of a description do you feel that show paints for your city?
3) Your EP "False Color" was released on cassette. Like me, do you believe that cassettes are the superior form of musical playback?
4) After the EP and the live album which contained three songs not on said EP, are there plans for a full length in the near future?
5) Would you be willing to call your legion of fans "Appendicitis" or would that not sit well on a t-shirt?
6) Final thoughts, shout outs, celebrity sightings, etc...??

1) The book and the appendix are not mutually exclusive they are codependent.  Like the appedix of a book we try to make our live show a combination and reflection of all the details.  For example, the compressed and overdriven sound of the reel-to-reel, abundant reverb, and layered guitars make the final product.
2) Here in Portland, OR, we live our lives as a parody, of a parody, of Portland, OR.  So yes, entirely, exactly, 100%.
3)Not exactly, vinyl is probably the superior format in our opinion. Most of our friends listen to vinyl or cassettes at home, and also have music on their computer/phone/ipod/whatever. The cassette was an affordable way of making a first release, and something cool, handmade, and limited quantity that can be fun to collect. I've had my friends bands cassettes stuck on repeat in my car tape deck for months at a time.
4)We are self-releasing our 7" 'Neon Green Fear', which comes out in October and we will be touring at the end of October and the beginning of November to promote it. We are constantly writing and recording and would loved to put out a full length 12" or CD at some point in the near future.  We have also talked about releasing a split record or cassette with some of our favorite bands in the Northwest. There is also talk of re-releasing False Color in a less limited quantity.  We'll just have to wait and see what comes out next after the 7".
5) We hope that our music gives fans an infection that can only be cured by extraction.  Maybe we can make appendicitis contagious. 
6) Thanks to Brennan Chambers, Adam Breeden, and Miguel Diaz, from Jetman Jet Team for helping us produce some awesome recordings for our 7", and thanks to Riley and Shane for coming to all of our shows.  You guys are awesome. 

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