Tuesday, June 4, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: Monocle "Plastic Beach"

Monocle "Plastic Beach"
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            I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always know what I’m doing.  That’s why when I don’t know something, I find out the answer.   “Plastic Beach” by Monocle came up in a search for new shoegaze on Band Camp, so when I started reading about it I was a little confused.   Though I somehow managed to overlook the first paragraph (It’s the thought that counts), the second paragraph begins with:

            'Plastic Beach' is Transpacific Sound Paradise's most immediately accessible track”

            This got me wondering what the heck “Transpacific Sound Paradise” means.  I’m not kidding, I had a moment where I asked myself why this statement existed yet the band is clearly called Monocle.  Could TSP be their label perhaps?  No.  All of the other releases on this Band Camp page are by Monocle and the url is monocle.bandcamp.com. 

            So I listened to these three songs.   The first is the title song- “Plastic Beach”- which is a fun sort of surf rock song that has primarily female vocals in it but sometimes there are male backup vocals.  Being that the song has the word beach in the title, it obviously goes to show you that this is a great song to hear at the beach or just during one of those old movies where everyone went and had a clambake at the beach.  (Really, MS Word?  You’re not going to question the word “clambake”?  Whatever)

            The second track is a remix of the first, which basically gives it a beat you can dance to even if you’re not at the beach.    And then the last song shifts vocals, as the male vocals take the lead and the female are backup vocals.

            I like the female vocals a lot better than the male vocals (The male don’t have to go away, I just like the first song better than the third), so I wondered what this band would sound like if they had more songs. 

            This lead me to click on their previous release, from April of this year, which I came to learn is their second full length and it is called… “Transpacific Sound Paradise”.   Now this all comes together and makes sense to me. 

            So, by taking the time to learn this I managed to answer my own question and be exposed to music that I’d like to hear more of and, well, now I’m going to review the full length, so this sort of maxisingle served its purpose well.

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