Wednesday, June 5, 2013

INTERVIEW: Postmadonna (Rich Clark-Coller)

1) With Madonna making a comeback, is there really such a thing as "Postmadonna" now?
A: Yes, we are postmadonna 

2) "Lucky Star" or "Who's That Girl?"

A: Vogue
3) Your music has been described as "ADHD rock", which is a fairly accurate term to me. Do you feel like music has reached the point where people can no longer pay attention to a song that stays within the same genre the entire time?

A: No way bro, listen to the radio. We're not popular. 
4) You are from the capital of rain and heroin, Seattle. My friend Shannon Smith just moved from Houston to Colorado or somewhere and then ultimately to Seattle a few years back. Do you know her?

A: she buys from the same dealer
5) Your new self-titled album is on vinyl. This is your first vinyl release. Had the choice to put it out on vinyl come about and are you self releasing it?

A: We wanted sparkly colorful records really bad. It had little to do with consumers and much to do with us staring at them in wonderment. We're releasing the record with the help of Tetra records out of Florida and are in negotiations with another label in france.
6) You have a song called "Whose Absinthe Is This?", which is what they call "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" in the UK. But really, is it from the states? Because if not, it's definitely my absinthe. (The U.S. stuff is weaksauce)

We bought a bottle of shit american absinthe one time. A buddy walked into the kitchen and asked "whose absinthe is this?" We don't know exactly why it became a popular phrase among our friends group. He may have been very drunk and said it in a funny manner... I don't really remember; I can't blame the absinthe.
7) Final thoughts, comments, jabs at Debbie Gibson, etc...??


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