Saturday, May 11, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: The Psychocandies "Nothing lasts forever" [single]

The Psychocandies "Nothing lasts forever" [single]
$1 to download / free to stream

            This is the darker side of shoegaze but ultimately it’s a song that could be out of a Tarantino movie such as Kill Bill.  Male and female vocals alternate and at the end we get a little acoustic guitar sampling.   Do you remember that song from the Tom Jane version of The Punisher, something about “There’ll Come a Time” or “There’ll Come a Day”?   Yeah, this song reminds me of that song only this one has more of a shoegaze influence than an acoustic country sound.

            Yes, I would listen to more songs by this band and not just because of their name.

(Side Note: That song from The Punisher might have been called “In Time”, but the artist was a first name/last name deal not a band name)

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