Friday, May 31, 2013

CD REVIEW: State Lines “For the Boats” (Tiny Engines)

State LinesFor the Boats” (Tiny Engines)

                State Lines is a punk rock band that can remind me, at their best, of I Am the Avalanche or even I Kill Giants.   They have a style that isn’t too annoying or original, but it could be done with better lyrics at times.   (No, I am not amused by the first song and the comparison to a cigarette, especially since Yellowcard did that one already)

                And while the song “Shady Existence” begins with a rap (No, I only wish I was joking), I can sum up this band the best (and laziest) way I know how: By pulling a quote directly from one of their songs.  So, here is State Lines reviewing themselves, fairly accurately I believe, which saves me time as a writer. 

“Convinced there might be something in these songs / No, it’s nothing commercial / Nothing political / Barely contrived noise / Me telling some kid through a microphone he might be fucked in the head but he’s not alone”

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