Tuesday, March 12, 2013

INTERVIEW: rev rev rev

1)      Being that a lot of bands have the double name going on, did you decide to do it triple style to be one better than them?

            Melius abundare quam deficere.   

2)      Is your band name in reference to an automobile engine or three priests?

            Take a dream (in French, rêve). Reverse it. Add plenty of reverb. That's how our engine runs.
            (No priest was harmed in the making of this weird sounds.)  

3)      Though there are plenty of preconceived notions about the music scene in the U.S. (Sorry about Justin Bieber), what is the music scene like in Italy?

            We come from a particular zone (Emilia), that somebody called “the district of rock music”. Most of the italian scene, since the 60s and still in the 90s, originated here, in Modena or Bologna. International artists, expecially the alternative ones, usually make a stop here with their tours. It doesn't happen by chance that next may My bloody           Valentine are performing in Bologna.

4)      How do you explain the rise of shoegaze to the point where it has now obviously become worldwide?

            We should first explain why it didn't happen earlier... But we're partisan.

5)      If you could tour with any one band/musician- living or dead- who would you choose and why?

            My bloody valentine, it goes without saying...

6)      Your album, “hypnagogic visions”, is available for name-your-price download on Band Camp.  I subscribe to the theory that in this day and age of virtual music bands should make their musical available for free as sort of a sampling if you will and then the people who like it will actually go out and buy it on record, cassette or what have you.  

            We grew up in the cassette-era, when one could discover the bands by duplicating the tape from a friend. There was nothing wrong about it, because if we liked the band we           started saving money and then bought the original copy. With mp3 is partially the same, but they have a further limit: they don't have any phenomenology, you can't touch       them, time doesn't modify them. When you listen to, say, some things of Jimi Hendrix, without the detune-effect of ruined tapes that go wrong, they simply couldn't be the     same. And probably nobody would have thought of playing glide guitar.

7)      Final thoughts?
            Next summer we'll be out with our first LP, stay tuned!

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