Tuesday, March 12, 2013

INTERVIEW: Funeral Advantage

1)      Who really has the advantage at the funeral- the corpse or the grievers?

The corpse. They don't have to go to work or school. They never have to deal with children. They don't have to worry about paying school loans or impressing anyone. They don't ever have to get dressed up to meet girls or answer questions about their day. They are dead and that seems like a great payoff.
2)      On your demo you cover The Cure.  While I am familiar with their music (Perhaps too much so because my wife is a fan of theirs) I am not really what I would call a fan of theirs, though there is definitely a lot worse music out there.  Do you think non-Cure fans can still enjoy your music?
I believe they would. I understand it when people don't like them because from the outside, they're kind of a lame band. If you don't know which albums to listen to in the correct order then there's really no hope for you to like them as much. But I believe non-Cure fans would enjoy our music. Ours isn't as boring as theirs' can be. We try to keep it as poppy and upbeat as possible. At least as much as our personalities will allow. I like that. Things that seem really happy until you actually listen. 2Late just works on so many levels, it's a wonderful song but I get why they left it off Disintegration. It totally doesn't fit. That's the way I feel about a lot of our songs. They're great, but they don't fit into a theme ANYWHERE. The Cure are all about continuity and a general theme per album, it's something I envy as a songwriter. I personally don't love everything they've ever done, but they're still one of my favorite bands. 

3)      You hail from the state directly above me known as Massachusetts.   What is your state up to other than John Kerry?  In seems like in the eight years since I’ve been on the east coast the scene has changed drastically. 

We have so little to do with the scene around here. We're sort of detached from it and only meddle within our own confines. The "scene" around here almost completely ignores us and I can't put my finger on why. We're a good band full of nice people and no one will give us the time of day. The fact we don't want to kiss ass to play shows bothers some people I suppose. But it really just goes to show how sectioned everything here is. It's why we don't get to play out very often (ever). I won't complain.

4)      When you put out an official sort of non-demo release, will it be up on Band Camp for free or as a “name your price” and then also available for monies on vinyl/cassette/cd/etc?  

Currently, our demo tape is sold out but a small record label from Pennsylvania called Browntown is currently making 7" records of it. We'll also be putting out two songs on a lathe cut record sometime in the next two months, I think as a split with a really great Boston band through a cool label but I don't really want to put either of them on the spot because nothing is finalized. If they don't want to do it then we'll just do it ourselves. The prices will be reasonable and the music will be of a higher quality this time around. The single/split thing will definitely be up on bandcamp for free. We have about a full length's worth of meterial demo'd right now. We'll be working on perfecting that until we hear word if someone wants to really do it with us. I don't know if that will be on Bandcamp. Maybe. 

5)      Final thoughts?
Thanks for the interview.
We have no idea what we're doing.
Order our 7" from Browntown here: http://browntownrecords.bigcartel.com/

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