Thursday, March 7, 2013


[1] Vegetarians have a name of branding things to mar name ke them their own, such as “not dogs” instead of hot dogs and spaghetti and wheatballs.   What would your name be if it was vegetarian friendly?

[2] Why does your name always remind me of Rowlf the Dog from The Muppet Show?  Does he play piano for you sometimes or is it just coincidental?

2. Not sure, but my god how I do love The Muppet Show! That would be awesome if he did (with Animal on drums, of course)

[3] You have a lot of free music on Band Camp.   I believe that people should be able to hear music for free, a sampling if you will, before deciding if they like it and then those who do like it would buy it on vinyl, cassette, etc.   Do you agree with this theory?
3. Indeed, I do! Pretty much, even if they aren't buying a physical item, I'd still rather people be able to hear it beforehand and decide weather or not they want to pay for it because that's what I'd prefer (when given the choice)

[4] What is the difference between chipcore and 8bit?  I think I kind of understand what 8bit sounds like…
4. Let's see... 8bit is more of a software choice (I tend to associate NES sounds with 8bit the most) whereas chipcore is more of a genre (possibly a made-up one). It's kinda just poking fun at all the "-core" genres that were all the rage in the mid '00's

[5] Do you feel like a lot of what is being done in your music and the movement it’s generating is because of the simple fact that the idea of guitar/bass/drums has seen too many variations over time and so there is not much left to be done with them that hasn’t already been done?
5. Absolutely not! That's something that I struggle with a lot, though. People always talk about hardware limitations in chiptunes too and say that eventually, everything is going to sound the same and I just don't think that's true. Everything hasn't been done on any instruments, that's kind of the point of music as a whole. There are only so many notes in the world but somehow people keep coming up with new ways to use them and express themselves through their seemingly infinite combinations. I just happen to be of the opinion that it's easier to compose in trackers because physical instruments make you feel like you're on the spot but with tracking, you never feel rushed

[6] The Horned Goat King looks an awful lot like a goat had an affair with Skeletor.   Coincidence?
6. That's actually the bad-guy from one of my favorite Disney movies (also from a Lloyd Alexander book) The Black Cauldron.
[Editor’s Note: He still looks like Skeletor.]
[7] If you could have any special guest on one of your songs or albums, who would it be and why?
7. I would want Bill Murray to do an intro for an album because HE'S BILL EFFING MURRAY! Or possibly Adam Reed (as Xander Crews)

[8] Do you feel like kids today are somewhat hindered by the fact that video games are so realistic?  Isn’t it heartbreaking to think an entire generation will now grow up not maneuvering a tiny square through a castle?
8. Not just hindered but spoiled. Gaming just has this completely different feel these days. It used to be a form of escapism for kids who got picked on and didn't feel like part of the group and stuff. Now it's something that almost every single person does on some level. It still kind of weirds me out to think about how this culture blew up and now it's "in" to be a nerd
[9] Why did Mario Mario have to go through all of those wrong castles just to find the princess?  Don’t you think after the second or third castle he might’ve realized there were other women out there for him?  Or at least that’s what I gather from the live action movie. 
9. I don't remember the movie but I think he did it because Peach was his first crush. They probably went to school together and even into his paunchy adult years, he's still chasing this girl who doesn't even know who he is (that's how I imagine it, anyhow)

[10] Perhaps my hardest question ever, so I will end on it.   Which is better: Dexter’s Lab or Samurai Jack?
10. I think since Samurai Jack never really finished, I have to go Dexter's Lab (that, and it was a SUPER-HUGE part of my childhood). But oh my gosh, have you seen Sym-Bionic Titan? How the hell did that get cancelled!?


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