Thursday, February 21, 2013

SBSR: Man the Change “Defeated EP”

Man the ChangeDefeated EP
<1> “Val Killed Her” – This starts off sort of slow but does that really fast kick in that punk rock likes to do.   It has a NOFX and Ten Foot Pole feel to it.  It never feels this warm in December.  The background screaming vocals are nice.   This is fun, fast paced punk with a touch of pop but so far it’s not doing much to grab me from any of the other bands they sound like.  It seems to do all the traditional things in the song at just the right time.   Yeah, I don’t know if I can make it through six songs of this, but let’s go with the second. 
<2> “Journeyman” – Yeah, this is a pretty cookie cutter Fat/Epitaph (when Epitaph was good) type of punk band.  Next!
<3> “Skeeter”
<4> “Keon’s Revival”
<5> “Under Water”
<6> “Defeated”

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