Monday, February 4, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: MC Lars “The Ill Remix EP Vol. 2”

MC LarsThe Ill Remix EP Vol. 2
                I wanted to write MC Lars a battle rap as a response to these two songs he put on his Band Camp for free.  But I’m too lazy or busy.   Let’s go with busy.
                I like the beats on here for the most part (There is one in the second song that sounds like he’s been listening to too much Skrillex) but the lyrics are just weak and forced on the part of Lars.  
                First off, why would you have a song with someone guest rapping on it who is a better rapper than you?  That just seems like a poor choice on his part and I’m not just talking about KRS-One being better than MC Lars.   I don’t even know who the dude on the first track is, but he out-raps Lars every step of the way.  
                Quite honestly, I’d be embarrassed to listen to this without headphones on and after listening to these two songs all the way through I’ll hopefully never have to hear them again.
                Since I decided not to write a battle rap (You don’t know what you’re missing, world) , I will end this review simply by stating this.   On the second song, MC Lars make a comment about KRS-One being the teacher and he being an apostle.   Lars- you couldn’t be an apostle if your teacher was Jamie Kennedy.   Rollin’ with Bob Saget.   :::drops microphone:::

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