Monday, February 25, 2013

MP3 REVIEW: [aftersun] “Last Night” single

 [aftersun] Last Night” single
                This song starts off sounding like something out of “Nevermind” era Nirvana, so I’ll throw in a quick A*Star reference as well.    When the vocals kick in, it begins to remind me of The Cure but only in the best possible ways.  [Little Known Fact: I am not nearly as big a fan of The Cure as my wife is, which is mostly why I know of them aside from their radio stuff/songs other bands tend to cover.  That is to say my wife buys all the rarities and b-sides and I end up listening to them also, but the only album by The Cure I ever actually owned was “Show” and I’m not even entirely still sure whether or not I own it.  Simply put:  my wife loves The Cure and I’m hit or miss with them—mostly miss—but this isn’t a review of The Cure now is it?]   There may or may not also be some Depeche Mode in here, but nonetheless it’s a fun sort of dark song with some distortion thrown in for good measure. 

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