Monday, February 25, 2013


1)      What do you want people to hear most when they hear your music?

I really don't want to tell the people how they should listen. But i guess i want them to feel something beside a rhythm and a low bass. 
So all songs have a theme or melody and thats important to me, cause this transport feelings.

2)      Having music on Band Camp, along with other such platforms in music right now such as Sound Cloud, Spotify and others, do you feel that music is moving into a virtual age?  Personally, I fully support the idea of downloading songs for free from Band Camp and then if I like them buying them on vinyl.

Its not bad that music gets more and more on digital platforms. In most parts i see advantages like easier and cost efficient way of releasing, direct communication with fans, worldwide access and so on....
But companies like Spotify are really bad for musicans, i think. Because some few people getting super rich with offering music for nearly free (0,0002 cent per play) providing all creativity of the artists.

But i dont like the idea of giving all my music away for free. It cost so much energy, time and money to make music. Small indie labels get nearly no chances to survive on its own. all the people have to work beside and thats bad.
This whole thing causes an inflation of consuming music. A lot of people have more than 10.000 songs on their ipod and they click randomly through. The quantity rises but not the quality.

3)      How important of a factor do you feel that record labels play in music these days when pretty much anyone can put their music on the internet as opposed to having to hand out demo tapes at shows, the distribution record labels can offer, etc.   It just seems like it’s a bit easier these days to succeed as a band- and even build up a strong fan base- before a label possibly comes calling for you.

All good passionate labels are still important for the whole music scene and will it be in future, i hope. they are important, cause they give an infrastructure which is a way more complex than just selling hardware (CDs / 12") and digital formats. I also like the idea that there is a filter which exclude all the crap which get released now a days.

4)      If you could tour with any single band or musician who would you pick and why?
i would love to tour with moderat. i think it would fit well and i love their music and also the songs of their upcoming album.

5)      Who is your favorite New Kid on the Block?
I really love SCNTST and DAUWD. Both are talented and musical wise interesting.

6)      Who would win in a musical fight: Jack Black or Jack White?
As a musician Jack White...for sure. Love the music of the bands he is involved.

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