Thursday, December 20, 2012

SBSR: Negative Tapes “Your Perverted Limb E.P.”

Negative TapesYour Perverted Limb E.P.”

<1> “Your Perverted Limb” – We begin this EP in a very electronic manner.  I feel like the robots might be taking over.  Well, here comes some bass or something so this song is beginning to kick in.  Around the two minute mark we’re getting somewhat normal vocals and laser drums.   Near three minutes it’s turning into a dance number.  Crank it up!!
<2> “A Dream Preferred” – After a brief quiet intro, this has began to punch out the New Order drum machines.   Two minutes and we’re still mostly drum machines with alien landing noises in the background.  Oh, now near 2:30 we get some vocals coming in saying “To dream” over and over.   Six and a half minutes and I’m hanging in as the vocals have faded out.  The drum machine isn’t as often, just helicopter type techno noises.    Near eight minutes we begin fading out of the track on the whole.
<3> “Limerance” – Why does this song title seem familiar to me?  I really need some unpaid interns to look these things up for me.  I swear I’d make some fake college credit papers for you if you want to sign up.    In any event, this song begins with screeching like nails on the chalkboard of my ears.   Two and a half minutes and it begins to sound like my ringtone called “Sci-Fi”.   It has a nice little song going on within the song I can feel.  I don’t know why this name seems familiar, but I don’t feel like I’ve heard this song before.  It could almost be like something out of Lord of the Rings if LOTR had aliens.
<4> “Paul and Thecla” – We’re coming on a bit stronger here from the start.   After a minute and a half we get a slight drum machine pattern.    Approaching three minutes and I feel like I’m hearing some sonar designed for whales. 

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