Wednesday, August 8, 2012


1)      What do you want people to hear most when they hear your music?

Above all passion and intensity that comes from emotions in all of our own experiences and lives as well as the passion that bands and musicians we listen to and play with capture and inspire us with. I personally want people to feel something, anything. negative, positive or both. whatever. I want them to grasp whats going on around them at that time, face it and know that despite it all you're alive and that is a beautiful thing. listening to music to escape is a great but when you hear something you can escape to as well as realize all the reality, chaos, love, fear, hate and joy around you that to me is a life changing experience. which is something that doesn't seem to be happening today with a lot of music especially with what sells and people actually give into because it seems everyone is just trying to be numb. no body seems to want to think, feel or actually comprehend anything. We want to do a part to help change that. big or small. Whatever happens. We also want people to realize how much we obsess over music. so hopefully they can hear that in our music as well.

2)      Having music on Band Camp, along with other such platforms in music right now such as Sound Cloud, Spotify and others, do you feel that music is moving into a virtual age?  Personally, I fully support the idea of downloading songs for free from Band Camp and then if I like them buying them on vinyl.

Absolutely, music has been moving into the virtual age for quite some time, but even more so now with the recent innovations in online distribution like file sharing, and streaming media on the sites that you mentioned (sound cloud, bandcamp etc.) Then again, we also feel like there are still a lot of people out there who still want a physical "something" to hold on to, like vinyl for instance. There is something about vinyl that just feels like a real piece of art, and not just because of what it provides sonically, but just the way it's all put together with something like having the jacket completely covered in full art,and with the wax itself  having all the different options of coming in translucent, custom mixed colors all swirled around or just whatever you can think of, you know? The album itself just really makes a statement on it own when packaged that way, and looks like a lot of effort was poured into it, and overall just visually more appealing than a CD. Personally, as fans of the bands we listen to, if we can afford it, we'll go after the vinyl, which now-a-days come with a download card.

3)      How important of a factor do you feel that record labels play in music these days when pretty much anyone can put their music on the internet as opposed to having to hand out demo tapes at shows, the distribution record labels can offer, etc.   It just seems like it’s a bit easier these days to succeed as a band- and even build up a strong fan base- before a label possibly comes calling for you.

Labels can still be a lot of help financially, as we are starting to realize while we do research on the costs of putting out a vinyl, because they will offer help with paying for expenses up-front, so I we feel they play a pretty important role in the success of your band, but you don't have to be completely reliant on them. With all of the technology that is available at our finger tips you can utilize what's around you and record your own stuff, upload songs online, and burn free CDs to hand-out at shows. This makes it very possible to build a strong fan base without a label, we've seen plenty of people do it and you shouldn't just wait around expecting someone to help you right off the bat. We've learned that through just taking shit into your own hands you can get a lot accomplished and then you will run into people along the way who respect that and will want to help you out. We've also been hearing more and more people talk about labels like Tokyo Jupiter Records, Top Shelf, Three One G, Count Your Luck Stars and other DIY labels and I think it helps your audience/potential audience, who are looking for new music, to see that you might be on the same label as some other bands that they listen to and so they'll make the effort to check you out. So, essentially they still provide a more accessible way for people to discover your band on top of financial help, because this shit is hard to do on your own, we're not gonna lie, we are struggling along doing this stuff, but you can get it done if that's what you really want to do. Once we start to get some of our gear fixed/replaced and another solid mode of transportation, we are probably going to work with Neonbeard to release our vinyl.

4)      If you could tour with any single band or musician who would you pick and why?

The Caution Children, because every time we have played with them; 1 show at sxsw, one in florida, one in san antonio and one in houston and Ryan has known them and has been playing with them for quite sometime in a previous band he was in. it has been fucking incredible and we really feed off of each others energy and just enjoy being around them. On top of all of this, they write incredible shit, it's like an epic soundtrack to your whole life, every body should be listening to that band!

5)      Who is your favorite New Kid on the Block?

Jordan Knight. 

6)      Who would win in a musical fight: Jack Black or Jack White?

Jack White has some bluesy chops with that old ass, dirty, muddy, "I got hit by a train and lived" tone. We are going with Jack White. However we strongly feel that they should collaborate.

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