Friday, August 31, 2012

INTERVIEW: barek art

1)      If Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh were both alive today and on Facebook (as fan pages, of course), if they both posted a picture of their work which one would get more likes?

I think they would both have a hard time getting likes. There’s so much new exciting art and artists they would have to really change up what they do to compete with the worlds artists.

2)      Do you subscribe to the idea that art can truly be taught or do you believe (as I do) that it is something you either have inside of you or don’t?  For example, if you were taught art by Picasso, for example, then would that not just give you a rip off of his style?

You need art inside you! Yes it can be taught but would be passionless unless you had passion for it!

3)      Do you believe that artists only truly succeed after they have died? (i.e. Don’t see money whilst alive)

Not at all and I would say that once you have died there’s somebody new to take your place so don't count on death making you famous.

4)      What do you feel gives your art a personal touch?

My artwork is normally a 'journal' of sorts. If I cook noodles for my household, then I will draw my characters cooking huge pots of them. They are me and I am them.

5)      What advice do you give to aspiring artists who have not yet been discovered?

Advice would be: draw, draw, draw. Don't care what others say because only you have to like it. Don’t be afraid to try new things.  And ALWAYS say 'yes'.

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