Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Recently, I’ve been downloading and listening to music like crazy from Band Camp.   This is a review of a group of songs by the same band I got from Band Camp- usually it constitutes an EP.   This is a song-by-song review and it is never to exceed six songs.   At the end, I will tell you the “Recommended Downloading Level”, which means whether or not I think you should spend your time downloading these songs.   It’s on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 meaning that you should stop reading my review and download these songs immediately and 1 meaning that if you even think about downloading these songs your computer will be infected with a horrific bad music virus.   Enjoy.

<1> “Azure Dragon of the East” – This song is instrumental, but not the type that you’re used to.  I keep thinking it’s going to kick into Thursday’s “Cross Out the Eyes”, but it never does.  A little after a minute it gets heavier and shows you that not all music needs vocals to rock.   I really do like this, and I usually can leave most instrumental music due to lack of being able to sing along.  But this just has a fire to it.
<2> “Vermillion Bird of the South” – I like how this one kicks in right away.
<3> “White Tiger of the West” – This is pretty heavy and the bass is crunchy.   It’s picking up in a nice driving way around the minute mark. 
<4> “Black Tortoise of the North” - Man, some of these songs are long.
                So each of these song titles follows the pattern of “COLOR / ANIMAL / DIRECTION”, yet this is called “YEARS”?   Okay, if you want it to be that, then so be it.
Recommended Downloading Level:  4/5

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