Monday, June 6, 2016

Digital Music Review: The Broadcasts "The Broadcasts"

Typically, I don't like to judge an album (or an artist) based upon one song.   Often times it will be asked of me and I won't do it simply because you might have one really good song or one really bad song but it's not a pure representation of your sound on the whole.    When I received an email about The Broadcasts I didn't read it but just clicked on the links to listen to the self-titled album.   One of the first songs which jumped out at me is called "This Is Life" because it has this catchy chorus of "That's okay / That's all right / This is life".    Would you believe it is the lead single from the album?

So in this case- and perhaps this case alone- you can go to the SoundCloud page for The Broadcasts, listen to their single "This Is Life" as a free stream and decide based upon whether or not you like that single song if you are going to be into this band on a whole.    That single song, to me, is a great representation of their sound on a whole to the point that if you like that song you will like the rest of this album.   But, if you don't like the song "This Is Life" then we have something else to talk about perhaps.

From bands such as Liars Academy to classic rock vibes, The Broadcasts have catchy, crunchy hooks in fast paced rock n roll which can borderline punk rock.   It's some cross of The Living End and Lit, perhaps, two artists who I bought CDs of around the same time back in the 1990s.     There is also a bluesy feel to these songs at time and not just in the traditional way but very much in the strong guitar rocking way (Much of which I think a band like Aerosmith tries to capture but just falls short for me) and yet The Broadcasts are also not afraid to bring out slower songs with harmonica added in to sell the Tom Petty appeal.

When I say that there is a lot of music out there and as such that I listen to a lot of music, I'm not joking around.   I have a flash drive full of digital music I've downloaded to review and might not get around to this year just based upon time alone.    But this is one of those albums I didn't want to pass me by and I don't want it to pass you by either.   Listen to it now.   Not tomorrow, not "later", press play on it now and make it the part of your life it was born to be.    This is a album I definitely feel better for having in my rotation.

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