Friday, February 19, 2016

CD Review: Holy Hum "Appendix C"

[$8 CAD // Edition of 100 //]

I listened to this CD without really a concept of time about it but then when I looked at the Bandcamp page for it I realized it was an hour long or so.   I thought that this could be released on a cassette (or more accurately that I could dub it onto a cassette) but during the course of this piece of music I couldn't find a good place to split it up and if we did go for the even 30 minute split there just wouldn't be a way.    So for that I am glad that this has made its way onto CD and not cassette though I'm pretty sure I've heard cassettes cut off on Side A before and pick back up on Side B leaving me wonder where the flow is.

This is ambient, somewhat drone and instrumental.   It's mostly the same sound for a while and strings do come in eventually.    It is perhaps something you really need to be a fan of ambient drone to enjoy because if someone said they felt like this went on for too long so it wasn't for them I could see their point though I wouldn't be inclined to agree with them.    (Who is to say what is too long and what is too short?  Is it the artist or the critic? I think you know it's the artist)

The way I like to think of "Appendix C" is visually through a series of scenes in a movie I've seen before or maybe it was in a television show (It might have been in the "Last Man On Earth" series because they like to zoom out a lot)  What you have to imagine first is a face.   This is not just any face- this face is dirty.   It is a man's face and he has long hair, a long beard and tired eyes.    Then we zoom out a little bit.   We see the full of the man and he is flat on his back, dirty clothes and not moving though he appears to be alive.   Zoom out again.  He's on a lifeboat or raft- one of those little things- just floating in water.   Ideas of that movie with Tom Hanks and the soccer ball pop into your head.  #Wilson

We continue to zoom out little by little, piece by piece.   First the raft with the man in it is most of the screen, then half the screen, then a quarter of the screen and so on until the screen is 99% water blue and there is only a small speck- a dot if you will- left to remind you that the man in the raft full of so much detail before was once there in the first place.    And that's how this CD makes me feel, which is a pretty great way to feel actually.

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