Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cassette Review: Pop Crimes "City/Head"

[Recently I placed an order with Sorry State Records for the new Whatever Brains LP.   I found some cassettes at low prices and decided to throw them into my order as well.   Initially, I had a total of ten cassettes in my shopping cart but two of them were out of stock and so I was given a refund and only actually sent eight cassettes by Sorry State Records.    Since most of these are from years ago but I don't really want to think of them as "classic" reviews yet, I am simply going to think of them as the Hateful 8 Cassette Reviews in honor of the new Quentin Tarantino movie.   This is review number 8 of 8 in The Hateful 8 Cassette Reviews.] 

Though this cassette is from 2012, Pop Crimes has a release from 2013 and another from 2014 on their Bandcamp page and even though that is only a total of three songs it gives me more hope than I've had for almost any other band in this series I've created that Pop Crimes could in fact release new music at some point in time.   (They're working on a full length, right?  Right??)  They did post to their Facebook page about a show they played back in July of 2015, so the hope is strong here.

Pop Crimes has a sound that could be the theme for a secret spy movie.   It's similar to Modern English's "Melt With You" and also has that melodic rock feel of Local H without the distortion.   The second song has a bit more grinding on it but it still reminds me of Local H, especially when it goes from being clean to distortion.    On the flip side the first song sounds like a different vocalist and it is the titular track which also reminds me of Billy Idol.    From there we go into this Offspring "Kids Are All Right" kind of feel, but perhaps a little bit darker.   

The main thing I take away from this cassette though is that Pop Crimes is just such a solid band I really hope to hear more music from them in the near future.   If you find this cassette and buy it (or just buy their music digitally to support them) I think you will feel the same way.   Pop Crimes rocks in ways that other bands don't rock and the world needs that type of music in it right now and, well, always.  

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