Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cassette Review: Gouge Away "Demo 2013" (Hesitation Wound Records)

[Recently I placed an order with Sorry State Records for the new Whatever Brains LP.   I found some cassettes at low prices and decided to throw them into my order as well.   Initially, I had a total of ten cassettes in my shopping cart but two of them were out of stock and so I was given a refund and only actually sent eight cassettes by Sorry State Records.    Since most of these are from years ago but I don't really want to think of them as "classic" reviews yet, I am simply going to think of them as the Hateful 8 Cassette Reviews in honor of the new Quentin Tarantino movie.   This is review number 1 of 8 in The Hateful 8 Cassette Reviews.] 

[Available from Sorry State Records for $1 // Sold Out per their Bandcamp page // http://www.sorrystaterecords.com/products/gouge-away-demo-cassette // https://gougeaway.bandcamp.com/]

This cassette is the only piece of music on the Gouge Away Bandcamp page and if you are trying to order it there it has sold out.    However, it is available through Sorry State Records (who are a label, distro and physical store) and according to them it is also on Hesitation Wound Records, which doesn't have it on their Bandcamp page and at the time of my typing this the Hesitation Wound Records Store Envy is down.    So for all of this just know that the best method when trying to purchase this cassette is just going straight to Sorry State Records and getting it there for $1.    Oh, and there is also a Gouge Away on Bandcamp from Florida and they seem pretty rad so check them out if you have the time.

So for those who don't know, I grew up writing in a time when bands would hand me demo cassettes simply because it was too expensive to burn onto compact discs and hand those out for free.   Gouge Away goes along with that notion as each of these three songs is full of hardcore, punk screaming which is about a minute or so in length.   On a broad scale, I would put these songs somewhere between Refused and Minor Threat but there is also that older AFI screaming which had me listening to a lot of AFI back when I was really into Nitro Records and before AFI went full blown Misfits on us all.  The songs end with the ringing of guitars.

While these songs are available through the Gouge Away Bandcamp for free download there is just something about having them on a cassette which makes me happy.   I've always received various styles of music on cassette since starting Raised by Gypsies and yet when I was receiving cassettes while doing NCA (my old project) I would get mostly punk and hardcore cassettes.   So it's nice to be taken back to my roots in a way and to hear this type of music on cassette again.    I know it happens more than I think about it but I really want to start a hardcore and punk sub-collection of cassettes and this would be a welcome addition to that for sure.    Go out of your way to buy this one from Sorry State Records before it's gone.

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