Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cassette Review: Afrika Pseudobruitismus "Outer Space Cultures" (Ingrown Records)

[$5 // https://ingrown.bandcamp.com/album/outer-space-cultures]

As I write this review I will be copying and pasting the name Afrika Pseudobruitismus because I don't want to spell it wrong and, well, this just seems easier.   I've actually seen the name Afrika Pseudobruitismus around before with cassette releases and so I kind of look at this cassette as being one of those times when I'm hearing some old veteran musician to the cassette scene for the first time.   Hey, I never mind doing that though because I would rather discover these artists putting out cassettes for years before I ever review them than feel like I've run out of cassettes to review in some way.    I'm just glad artists like Afrika Pseudobruitismus exist even if it is only in my background and so I have the chance to bring them one day to my foreground.  (Editor's Note: There is an MP3 Review for Afrika Pseudobruitismus here.]

"Outer Space Cultures" begins with jungle electro beats.   It's synthwave or possibly chillwave.   There is also this 1980's feel to it which makes me think it might be glo-fi.   It's somewhere between Miami Vice with lasers now.   Some static blasts come through and it makes me think of magical wizardry.   We venture into trippy space and then into a pinball loop.    It has these ups and downs as if someone is messing with the volume, turning it up and down, but from the short time I've spent in Garage Band it feels more like someone is messing with the levels (which I like to do on the songs I put together but never release to the public because of how awful they sound)   By the end of Side A I can hear sirens which remind me of  a fire truck and, yes, every time I have to check outside and make sure that they aren't coming for me.

Side B opens up with a feeling between a carousel ride and Atari but oddly enough it doesn't really sound like the Atari game "Carousel", which I do like to reference a bit.   We begin our journey into a space odyssey and the music begins to get heavier and louder.    There are still space frequencies though.    It's bubbles in space somehow now too and this has gone from being that sweet 1980's soundtrack (perfect for cassettes) into that wild space ride (which I also enjoy on cassette).   It begins ringing and almost comes off in a glitch way before it ends with a bit of electro-funk, which in some ways I think was left there as the piece was simply taped over it (Though this cassette itself would prove otherwise, but it just has that dubbed over and that was left as the a piece of the original source vibe to it still)

From Sun Up to Illuminated Paths, Afrika Pseudobruitismus has released cassettes on some of the best labels out there today and I'm pretty sure that the first time I saw the name it was attached to Singapore Sling Tapes.  I do believe I've emailed Singapore Sling about cassettes from Q///Q, Oxykitten and maybe even Giant Claw, but you can just get a general sense of the company which Afrika Pseudobruitismus keeps just on that one label (Because the other labels have Afrika Pseudobruitismus in good company as well) and that can really help you to understand why you should be listening to this cassette and, well, Afrika Pseudobruitismus in general.

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