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Cassette Review: Shocking Pinks "Wake Up Children" (Crash Symbols)

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Back in earlier 2014, which is getting closer to two years now (for those reading this ten years from now who don't wish to do the math) I became aware of Shocking Pinks because of a set of albums released by him in three.    I'm not sure who else will remember this but it was a very odd time because Makeup and Vanity Set also released a three album collection and it just felt like things were coming out that year in threes.    Anyway, I remember Shocking Pinks specifically because when I looked up the album I found it on Bandcamp but I wasn't able to stream it in full (or realized how long it was and didn't want to stream that much music for a review) and I emailed someone and ended up getting a copy sent to me.     So, yes, it does stick out in that sense because I don't really email a lot of people asking for music these days aside from cassettes of course.

"Wake Up Children" is a collection of Shocking Pinks remixes from the first Shocking Pinks album called "Dance the Dance Electric" which was released back in 2004.   Have you been confused by time yet?    I don't necessarily recognize a lot of the artists who are doing the remixes but that's okay because I always enjoy meeting new artists who remix songs because I tend to feel like I run in a lot of the same circles when it comes to remixes and so I always have this group of artists (maybe ten or twenty) who do remixes and that's it.    I feel like I'm always looking to expand that and, well, really if you ask me I wouldn't mind hearing a remix by a different artist every time.    Yes, some artists can create an entire remix album of different songs and it's great, but at the same time, I tend to lean more towards "Okay, this person has remixed this song, now let's hear someone else remix another song".  

I must confess that I had not heard anything by Shocking Pinks prior to this other than "Guilt Mirrors", which was the three disc set from early 2014.    So I did go back and find this album in its original context and listen to it a few times while also listening to "Wake Up Children" just to get an idea of how each song sounds in both its original and remixed ways.    Needless to say, if you have not heard "Dance the Dance Electric" yet then you will want to listen to it as well as listen to this cassette full of the remixed songs which in a lot of ways takes on a life of its own.    It isn't essential for you to listen to the original though, as "Wake Up Children" has enough merit to stand on its own two feet, but being the type of music listener that I am you know I have to link you to the original as well.    (It is also worth noting that this isn't a song-by-song remix cassette either, as some songs appear more than once and they do not follow the same order as the original album, but still, get yourself some Shocking Pinks)

For the most part, when I listen to music which is remixed it's something more along the lines of dreampop or something that doesn't quite have an electronic beat but could be given one and so it gets one.    I don't know why, but whenever I think of remixes now I always think of Ummagma.    Shocking Pinks already has a sound of what I tend to think of when I think of what is added into an existing song to make it a remix and so it is definitely interesting to hear that being remixed.     It's like when you have the original it sounds one way and then you add the remix sound to it, but this is more like remix sound + remix sound if that makes any sense at all.    In any case, it is great bit of electronic music to listen to that you should be able to find comfort in listening to whether or not you are aware of any of these artists involved though I do hope you've at least read my prior Shocking Pinks review because I put a lot of work into it.    I'm just kidding, it was purely fun.

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