Friday, October 30, 2015

CD Review: Mutiny Mutiny "Undefined" (Secret Frequencies)

It's the year 2015 and being able to base your opinion of a band after hearing only one song seems somewhat outdated but if you have heard "Loukanikos"- the first single and first track on this EP- and it doesn't make you want to listen to anything and everything by Mutiny Mutiny then I think you need to strongly reconsider how you listen to music.   There is enough riot in this song as the vocals are delivered by both male and female voices at different times, proclaiming things in an anthem-like manner and yet there is also just something hypnotic about it, lulling you in.    One of my favorite lines sets the pace for this entire EP- "Don't break the window / Walk right through the front door", though you should also expect the delivery of these songs to be rebellious and riotous simply because of the name Mutiny Mutiny.

I'm not sure the last time that I heard a single and then needed to hear the rest of the EP because I knew I'd like those songs as well, but this does take me back to when the radio actually had something to offer me.    Though the first song packs that certain punch, following that the EP takes a turn as each song tells its own story, each one connected some yet and still different as no two songs seem to follow the same structure.   The male vocals take over at points where the balance switches throughout these songs to the point where they are almost alone eventually.    It's really just such an interesting dynamic to hear these songs evolve from the first song to the last.    Mutiny Mutiny is not afraid to send things off into the realm of the instrumental or melodic despite how much energy they offer.

At times, the songs have this instrumental rhythm to them which remind me of something between post rock and math rock.   And then you have the last song, "Avalanche", which has the melody of a band such as Eleventeen or The Reflector and yet overall the song tends to remind me of Silent Drive as well, which is just amazing.   I'm not sure how to think of the female vocals on this EP as I tend to lean towards the Delta Dart type of idea, which I often go to, but I can say that I thought of the male vocals as coming out like Foo Fighters at first for some reason but after listening to the full EP I realized when he sings it reminds me more of 1000 Mona Lisas, which is a band I just feel needs to be represented more in this day and age.   (Oddly enough, 1000 Mona Lisas are one of those bands where I heard one song and fell in love with them)  

I also hear, within the last two songs, female vocals added in as backing vocals to the male vocals and while I realize this has probably been done before and I've probably even heard it before (this week even) I've just never felt like I have listening to this one.   It's everything melodic, everything heavy and just the perfect idea of what you would want in an album that you want to put on, crank up and just annoy your neighbors with perhaps.   It's that whole "If it's too loud you're too old" idea at its best.    These five songs make me wonder if Mutiny Mutiny could create something similar in a full length- ten or twelve songs, all distinctly different and yet bound together by the same common core- but I have no doubt they are fully capable of creating one of the greatest full lengths ever.   As for this EP, well, it seems to become overstated by me lately about how some artists do more with a five song EP than others with a ten song full length, but when you have EPs like this it seems to become the norm.    If you're not rocking, you're not listening to Mutiny Mutiny. 

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