Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cassette Review: Lunar Grave "Mirror of the Woods"

[$5 // Edition of 25 //]

Lunar Grave is quite the interesting band.   While their Bandcamp page shows they have a total of ten cassettes (nine of which are still for sale) this was my first time hearing them.   I feel like I should have heard of them before now since they have so many cassettes out there, but what can be the cause of our only crossing paths now is not something easily defined.   I only really mention this because when I write reviews I often like to think of it as us listening to something together for the first time and yet here I am now, hearing Lunar Grave for the first time while some of you might be hearing them for the tenth time.

There isn't an easy way to describe Lunar Grave and I find that to be the case most times with the best bands.    As much as this instrumental rock n roll has a classic feel to it, the same can be said for it being modern.    Somewhere between Pinback and Led Zeppelin or Joe Cocker and FNL.    It just has that quality where this band could have either played Woodstock '69 or being opening tonight for someone Pitchfork is writing about.   At the same time, I like to listen to these bands and try and see if I could hear a comparison based upon them having vocals and with Lunar Grave I simply cannot.   This could go in almost any direction vocally so I'm not really sure that helps me at this point.

For music that can be somewhat psychedelic it never really goes too far into that classic rock side where you might get sick of it because it never feels like overkill.   Almost on purpose it feels like every time I'm about to go off on a trip to something from the 1960's or 1970's something happens which pulls me back into the present and reminds me that this music is quite modern as well.   But the classic and modern don't stand side by side they are blended and this perhaps forms the best combination of this of all.    The rock groove of Lunar Grave is sure to pull you in at least once and then after that you'll likely find yourself coming back for more.

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