Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Toy Review: Brand New Mater + Chick Hicks + The King / Cars (Mattel)

If you can believe it, on the same day we got that other Mater from Walmart and then rescued the toys which were left behind at Target, that night we went back to a different Walmart (because I was in search of something I didn't find at the previous Walmart and it wasn't toy related... Let's just call it "art stuff") and we found all three of these guys.   They actually had the most and perhaps best selection at this Walmart and if we hadn't already had so many come new into the home that day we might have picked up a lot more since they had others we might have wanted and will likely look for down the road.   I was really looking for Sheriff too though.

My son saw Brand New Mater on the back of one of the packages before we saw him in stores and I always liked the idea of Brand New Mater as well, so that toy was a no-brainer and my son did carry it around Walmart despite how tired he was getting.  (At this point in time, his other "Cars" toys were already back at home from earlier in the day)  We now have just as many Maters as we do Lightning McQueens which is never something I thought I'd type after breaking past the first version of each of them.

Chick Hicks and The King were more for me than my son perhaps, but I told him he'll like having them because now he can have them race for the Piston Cup with Lightning McQueen.   The King is what he is and he's a pretty cool car, but I'm mostly amazed by all of the stickers they managed to put on Chick Hicks.  How did they get so many tiny details onto something mass produced and sold for so little is beyond crazy to me.   I had seen Chick Hicks previously but he was in Dinoco blue so now I'm glad that we waited and that all of these "Cars" toys are coming back around again.

As this is the stopping point for "Cars" toys for right now, I can only admit to wanting Sheriff, Flo and Ramone in the very near future.  I saw Tia and Mia as Lightning McQueen fans in a two pack and was somewhat interested, but I feel like after Sheriff, Flo and Ramone we won't be getting that many new characters- at least not in this size- and will simply begin getting some of the larger ones (I think they're called "deluxe") and then variations on what we already have.  I'd also like to somehow get playsets to go with them, maybe a rug even, so Radiator Springs can realize its full potential.

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