Friday, June 5, 2015

Toy Review: Wolverine + Iron Fist / Marvel Super Hero Mashers (Hasbro)

While we were on a mission to use a coupon and get the unmasked version of Wolverine with the red and yellow Iron Man, we ended up finding the Wolverine in question- which I like to refer to as simply "Logan" to keep it easier- and then as I asked my son if he'd also like Iron Fist he said yes.    We bought these two at Target for about $10 each but used a $5 off coupon.     They are in the "basic" sort of series, but unlike Spider-Man who came with webbing and Ghost Rider who came with a fire chain, they come with no accessories.

Logan (or unmasked Wolverine) is probably the laziest figure that Hasbro has made so far in the Super Hero Mashers line and if he isn't overall he is at least the laziest figure we have thus far purchased.    While I am willing to admit that I'm not sure what he could have used for an accessory (Swords and guns seem to be a silly option) it would have still been nice just to see them give him something... Maybe a Colossus leg even?   Still, he isn't a bad figure by any means and now our other Wolverine (And the yellow and blue one we hope to get) can be unmasked as well as just about anyone else you might want to be Wolverine for whatever reason.

Iron Fist doesn't have accessories per se, but he has some huge fists.   I am disappointed that he didn't come with normal hands though, as that would have seemed to make a lot of sense at least to me.    For those unaware, iron Fist will be the subject of an upcoming Netflix series much as Daredevil was not that long ago and the mask on this Iron Fist figure makes me hopeful for a Daredevil Masher one day.    Why we don't have a brighter red, darker maroon, black and even yellow version of Daredevil right now escapes me and as you can probably guess I am not in charge of which characters get made.

One of the things I've also come to notice on these Mashers is that sometimes there is an ankle joint on the figure, allowing you to move the foot, and other times there simply is not.   If there is a method to this I have yet to find it other than maybe the larger figures needing to not have one in order to be able to stand better but I'm not entirely certain.

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