Thursday, May 21, 2015

Toy Review: Iron Man + Iron Patriot + Red Hulk / Marvel Super Hero Mashers (Hasbro)

The plan on the second round of this Target sale was to find the basic figures of Iron Man in red and yellow and Wolverine where he looks more like Logan and get them with the $5 off two Mashers coupon that came on package with the $8 off three but Wolverine was nowhere to be found.   So we still used the $5 off coupon but couldn't decide on whether to get Iron Man in red and yellow or the Iron Patriot (I really like red and yellow, my wife likes Iron Patriot better and of course our son wanted both, without willing to give up Red Hulk either)   So we just got the three of them and, yes, still got the 15% off from Cartwheel and 5% from the Target Redcard as well.

Iron Man in red and yellow was natural because he's so bright and friendly.   I've done some Iron Man research (mostly on eBay) in regards to the Mashers and while I know the one in black and gold is at Five Below I've seen a War Machine and few others on eBay but not yet the darker red and gold which is how he appears in the current movie line.   This is still my favorite version of Iron Man and why it became the sort of definitive look I wanted for him, but I wouldn't really rule out getting any other versions of Iron Man in the future simply because his various have always been fun to me.   There is also a rather large set that comes with a Tony Stark head in addition to the Iron Man helmet that I've been keeping my eyes on.

As the Iron Patriot, Iron Man comes with more accessories (More big weaponry) and he also can just be viewed as being someone else in the suit so he can still team up with Iron Man himself, as the red and yellow version, though for whatever reason my son decided that Iron Man and the Iron Patriot should fight each other, which I do realize is a scene from one of the current movies.   Having Iron Patriot also makes me want to get a darker blue version of Captain America (which they do make) if only because then they can work together on some missions.

Red Hulk is somewhat like Hulk himself only his face is much angrier.   I must have gotten one that was manufactured wrong or they might all be like this but the head peg is too closely shut together and as such Red Hulk's head does not stay on very well.   But it's fine because we still have a giant Red Hulk and who would have thought such a creation would exist in this line.   I do enjoy how they have such a diverse and seemingly random group of characters in these Marvel Mashers and the mighty Red Hulk is no exception to that.

These are my most recent three Marvel Mashers and as such I'd like to leave it with this for now (And try to write individual reviews in the future, even if I buy more than one figure at a time)   Someone (I believe it was Thor and someone else, but you can check images online) came with a hand for Colossus and another set came with a hand and a head.   While the hands are for each side, they don't exactly match in color, which was disappointing to me.   As far as I know there is yet to be a Colossus body and/or legs at this point either, so it's kind of funny in that way that you can build Colossus but not really.

There are also a number of names I'd love to see in the Marvel Mashers line, but rather than create a list post about it I'll just name some of my top choices here: The Thing (and really all of the Fantastic Four for that matter), Daredevil (He does have that Netflix series), Gambit, Bishop, Magneto, Cyclops (blue and yellow, hair exposed version), Stryfe (which I've noted before), The Punisher, Howard the Duck and just so many more that the series just seem like they could go on for a very long time.

In the very near future, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon and Ant Man will all be hittng stores (Groot is already in Walmarts here) and so I will have reviews for them and the ones I will probably pick up from Five Below (and the Wolverines that keep escaping me)   There is also a three pack at Target that has Ultron on it, but I'm not going to spend even $24 on it (It was on sale for that price) because I'd really be buying it just for Ultron.   If it goes on clearance then it will certainly be mine.   I also would like to get Iron Fist in the near future.

The thing about this line is that there are so many possibilities, so many fun choices out there already and these aren't just figures in one piece that you play with as such (Though they could be), but rather you can really just start mixing them up, get creative with them and play in ways never thought possible before.   I do indeed love this line and wish I had it as a child growing up.

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