Thursday, May 14, 2015

MP3 Review: Slow Down Molasses "Burnt Black Cars" (Culvert / Caroline Music)

When I first began Raised by Gypsies I wrote about a lot of music called shoegaze and that is a term that has now become used so much it doesn't even seem to matter anymore, but Slow Down Molasses has that sound of one of those early Shoegaze bands I would have heard years ago on a When The Sun Hits compilation.    A pleasant sound with distorted guitar riffs it's what I like to think of as futuregaze because it seems rather than looking into the past at those who came before it to be foreshadowing into what is yet to come.

Hints of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Cheap Trick and the Replacements come out.   At one point I can also hear the Superdrag line "I don't even wonder if they're gonna put me under" come out over the guitar riffs.    It's something that could be on the "Empire Records" soundtrack and yet also isn't afraid to be heavy on the instruments side of things (as opposed to vocals) and in that way it also reminds me of Spacehog a bit.    Though for some of the songs, the vocals trade off between male and female and even at one point they sing together, so this is kind of cool just for that but also just because of the overall sound of what's going on here.

A song like "Don't Forget the Youth" can showcase the percussion aspect of this music, reminding us that it isn't all guitars and effects pedals.    Overall though, this just really reminds me of what it was like when I first started this chapter of my life known as Raised by Gypsies and to sort of be transported back to that time when I was first starting out is special to me, but also the music reminds me that going forward I'm still going to find those bands that I just really fall in love with and that can help me to fall in love with genres and even music on the whole all over again.

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