Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MP3 Review: Pale Honey "Pale Honey" (Bolero Records)

The sound of Pale Honey is that of distorted guitar riffs mixed with drum machines.   While other sounds can come out, ranging from cowbell to an acoustic guitar that brings up thoughts of Violent Femmes, they primarily stay within the walls of these two instruments.    There is a certain amount of energy to it, but it's not so much rage as it is just fun to listen to really.

There aren't a lot of bands to compare this with.   I'm sure there are some out there on what I like to refer to as "college radio", but maybe not.   it's just that musical nature of somethng like Neon Trees but yet the vocal stylings of Robin Kirby in some ways.     If I had to pick a band overall to compare this with I would choose Metric but to say that Pale Honey and Metric are similar on the whole would be wrong.

If you enjoy pleasant music delivered in a non-threatening manner that can be played loudly while driving around with your windows down and just as easily while simply relaxing around the house, then Pale Honey is for you.    And, yes, I fully do believe that one of these songs will be on the radio in the United States sooner than later.

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