Thursday, April 30, 2015

Toy Review: WWE Series 47 Alicia Fox (Mattel)

If you put the WWE Divas into a line up, I might have had trouble picking Alicia Fox out of it before I bought this figure.    To be fair, I continue to confuse Emma and Summer Rae on television and I also cannot tell the Funkadactyls apart simply because I can never remember which one comes out with the Usos.     But when it comes to diva figures I've seen only a handful in stores which I didn't buy.    Both the Elite Flashback and Hall of Fame version of Trish Stratus were passed on by me.   And then I want to say there was someone else I saw once, perhaps the first Alicia Fox or Rosa Mendes, but I'm not entirely sure.   All I know is I never saw that Eva Marie figure they made in stores (Not that I'd buy it) nor the Natalya that came in the same series as El Torito (I still want a Natalya figure)

So when we were at Walmart one random day and I saw a fresh case of this set with not just one but two Rusevs on the pegs I asked my son if he wanted this Alicia Fox figure and he said yes.   To give you an idea of what the time frame was on this (if you care), we actually watched Smack Down! the Friday after it had aired and it was when Natalya had the match against Alicia Fox and Nattie made Alicia tap out to the sharpshooter (One of the Funkadactlys was the guest referee and she beat them both down after the match)   In some ways, I do feel as if my son seeing her on television a few days before had an impact on him wanting this figure, but surprisingly he's been playing with the divas and Erick Rowan the most out of all of the WWE figures we have right now.

I actually really like the head scan on Alicia Fox though I do feel as if she is the same as her first figure only without that accessory I always seem to see in my mind as CM Punk wearing for whatever reason.    Her belt says "Fox" but that's about as far as the details go because the divas aren't that complex when in the ring, or at least Alicia Fox isn't anyway.  When I looked up photos of Alicia Fox though, I came up to the WWE website and found this attire.    Now on the figure she seems to have normal sized boots with kick pads and then her legs are just painted black right up to above the knee.    In the photo on the WWE website, which I assume Mattel doesn't have access to for some odd reason, the boots complete with kickers go up to right about the knee and then have only a small portion of black sticking out which could have been painted.

It's pretty easy to then determine that this figure didn't have a lot of detail to create- the top and bottoms are plain red so it's just the belt lines and text in black to make that complete, so why was this something Mattel couldn't do?    Do they just operate under the theory that divas sell and so they don't care how they cut corners?  I know that since I bought this one it will have many people after me never seeing her in stores, so who knows, maybe it doesn't matter.   Maybe I'm just nitpicking, but it seems like Mattel didn't have to do a whole lot to create this figure so they could have at least gotten that part right.

Overall, Alicia Fox is only my second diva figure and compared to AJ Lee (my first and up until now only diva figure) she is a bit taller but that is accurate because I'm pretty sure AJ Lee is fairly short in real life.    I'd recommend you buy this figure but I know that a) there are those out there who either collect every single diva or none at all and b) you might not be able to find this in stores because I really don't see the divas as much as I probably should.


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