Thursday, April 30, 2015

Toy Review: WWE Series 46 Kofi Kingston (Mattel)

When I saw Series 46 at Target I had pretty much given up hope on ever finding it at mass retail.   I don't know why, it wasn't released that long ago, but I never did see it at Walmart as they seemingly skipped straight to 47 and it hadn't been at Toys R Us either.    Maybe it's still just one of those series yet to hit mass retail but has felt like it's been online for-ever, because I do feel like the Jerry Lawler figure in this series was on Black Friday sales at Ringside Collectibles.   Still, seeing this series was somewhat of a shock to me because I thought I had missed it and, no, I was not surprised that I didn't see Lawler either.

First off, Target had some kind of sale going on with a lot of their toys where you could buy one and get another for 50% off and you could mix and match.   My original plan was just to get two Ninja Turtles figures but I couldn't find two that I wanted.   So we decided that we'd get this Kofi Kingston figure as well as a small plush of the cat named Pig from the Dreamworks movie "Home".

Once WWE debuted Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E together as "A New Day", I knew I wouldn't be buying any action figures for any of them until they came in matching New Day gear because I had yet to own any of them.   Then I saw this Kofi Kingston, showed him to my son and all bets were off.   (I'm still not sure how they will release New Day, as Kofi and Big E seem to tag together the most so they might be the Battle Pack with an Xavier Woods Basic, but then I could see them doing just about any combination possible.   I will definitely be all over it though if they make a 3 Pack K-Mart exclusive)

So what is it about this figure that has everyone wanting it?   Well, Kofi Kingston's tights have a purple and green scheme with logos on them that resemble The Joker.   I remember when Jakks had the WWE license and they had to be careful with things like Rey Mysterio looking like The Flash, but now since Mattel has WWE and DC under their banner this was a no brainer and I'd even like to see a crossover line some day with top WWE superstars in DC attire.   (John Cena as Superman, Dean Ambrose as Batman, etc)

Along with these tights that just make you like Kofi Kingston that much more, you never realize how many tattoos Kofi has until you watch Superstars or Main Event and see him on there one too many times.   And, yes, Mattel nailed all of his tattoos as well.   His head scan looks good and overall I just don't have any problems or complaints with this figure.    It is my first Kofi Kingston at a time when my first Kofi Kingston was supposed to be his New Day version but I am certainly glad that I broke the rules for this.    My son also appreciates the WWE/Batman crossover as I feel most kids will (and fanboys).

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