Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Toy Review: Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Battle FX Star-Lord (Hasbro)

To give you a little background on this action figure, he was in stores for quite some time and whenever we would see him (mostly at Target) my son would press the button and whenever a song came on he would dance to it, right there in the middle of the aisle.    That fact, coupled with my love of Guardians of the Galaxy, put this on my wants list and it retailed for $19.99 most places.    After Christmas I believe it went down to $9.99 on clearance at Target and I regret not buying it then because I saw it once and then went back and they were all gone.

Ultimately, I found Star Lord on clearance at Walmart for $15 at first and I was torn because I knew I could have gotten him for less at Target but it was less than the $20 original price tag and I still did want him.   They had more than one though- probably even more than ten- so I left it to think about and sure enough when I went back they weren't gone but rather clearanced to $9, which is a dollar less than the half price clearance sale at Target so I totally knew I had to get it then.   So I did.

One function I didn't know that was explained when I got Star Lord out of the package is that if you hold the button down it makes sound effects, if you press it once he talks and when you press it twice it plays music.    He stands at about the same size as a standard doll, as he is currently sitting on a shelf next to my large Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara toys and will ultimately then find his way in with a talking Indiana Jones, Jar Jar Binks and G.I. Joe as well.  His head moves, as does his arms and legs, but he doesn't have the joint movement in the elbows nor knees and I'm okay with that because he makes noise.

As for his accessories, which were underneath plastic while he was in his open-faced box, he comes with two guns which fit into his hands after some fidgeting and he also can wear headphones which go with his Walkman.   The Walkman itself has a peg which goes into a hole on his belt and, well, if you've seen the movie the Walkman is rather important to him so this is an appropriate accessory in that sense.   For me though, I love that he comes with a Walkman because, well, I love cassettes and that is one of the coolest cassette related things to any toy I currently have in my collection.

Did I mention his eyes light up?  Because they do when he talks or even when music plays of the sound effects come out.   He has a small screw on his back to replace the batteries as well, so when this was made there was no messing around about it being able to make these noises seemingly forever, which is good because my son is three right now and in ten years I do expect him to have a different sort of appreciation for this Star Lord.

On top of everything else, as this action figure may not quite have the same articulation as his Marvel Legends figure for example, it does have quite a bit of detail, including the blasters on his feet which help him to fly.   I was rather impressed by the amount of detail and he is in the mask (which doesn't come off) presumably so he can light up and because the face might have been more difficult to design which I completely understand.

With a second "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie already in the works, I've decided it would be easier to wait for that one (and hopefully a boxed set) to collect all of the characters in the Marvel Legends form, but other than a plush Rocket and the dancing Groot as a sapling (both of which I still hope to get one day) this was the only other GOTG toy I really wanted, which seems like a lot now when I think about how many toys I want from that movie.    But, yes, I will start saving now for toys from the sequel and continue to look for Rocket and Groot at discount prices.

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