Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Comic Book Review: Teen Titans: Earth One Vol. 1 by Jeff Lemire (Author) / Rachael Dodson (Illustrator) / Terry Dodson (Illustrator) [DC Comics]

So as I'm beginning to write about comic books again, I'm thinking of my old reviews and I remember that I had them linked up on a blog of mine so I looked and sure enough they are all still there.    So if you would like to read any of the past comic book reviews I might reference in these upcoming reviews that can be done by clicking here.

What I find to be just incredibly funny and strange is that as I hadn't really known about "Animal Man Vol. 1" being written by Jeff Lemire, I didn't expect this one to be either.   I had to do a double take when I saw it, but at the library they may or may not have these titles arranged by author and if they do then it makes sense that I'd grab ones by the same author.  (Though I'm pretty sure that they are alpha by character, so all the Batman comic books are under "B")

In a lot of ways, this is a reboot of the Teen Titans and they all are going to the same school and begin to exhibit certain qualities which make them believe they are different.    Cyborg begins to have his armor come out from within him like an alien that takes over his body, for example, and I always imagined him as being put together more like Robocop was in the original, second or remake movie.

To say the story has a lot to do with adolescence is stating the obvious because it's called "Teen Titans", but I do enjoy that it has those "Runaways" qualities to it.    I feel like most people know who the Teen Titans are because they're on their second animated series now, but this is sort of a different take on their origins story and in a lot of ways I'll never tire of hearing about Beast Boy.    The fact that this is being written by Jeff Lemire just makes it that much more essential.

I found out, after reading this, that Jeff Lemire also wrote some issues of Green Arrow, among other DC Universe stories, and as such I think one of the best places for my son to start reading comic books when he's ready will be with Jeff Lemire's work in the DC Universe.   So, thank you, Mr. Lemire.

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