Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Casssette Review: Trumans Water - Octagrape - Permanent Makeup "Lotions & Creams" (Ghoulhouse Records)

[$10 // Edition of 100 // http://ghoulhouserecords.com/album/lotions-creams-cass]

The first thing you need to know about this cassette is the numbers.   There are three bands on here and each has three songs per side except for Octagrape who bows out before their last song.    This means that both Trumans Water and Permanent Makeup have six songs on here and Octagrape has five.    There is also a pattern to how the songs go and they are: Trumans Water, Permanent Makeup and then Octagrape.   Since this is a three way dance you can't really split by sides, so like a Rubber Brothers split I once heard these alternate.

Whenever I review a split by two artists I always wonder whether or not the artists are closely related enough to have a split together but yet also if they could be identified individually if need be.    "Lotions & Creams" seems to be putting me to the ultimate test on that level as if I lose my concentration and am not paying to the order of songs I might not know who is singing on my cassette deck.

Though if you listen to this enough times through, as I have, you'll be able to pick each band out for their own unique qualities that make them who they are.    Overall, I'll throw out the general blanket and say that this is punk 'n' roll with psychedelic parts and many of the songs can have influences from the Vandals to Kiss, but really it's not just a band by band basis here as much as a song by song basis.

If you like your music loud and fuzzy then this is perfect for you.   Trumans Water also does double cover duty here as they cover songs by both MC5 and The Kinks.    Really, if you've heard of one of these bands and like them then you'll enjoy all three.   If you haven't heard of any of them before then just know you will like it if you're into the whole punk/garage/psych scene.  (Think of Burger Records but better quality)    Somehow though this reminds me of that older Nitro compilation that had only a few bands on it but a lot of songs so they traded off like this.

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