Wednesday, November 26, 2014


[€6 // Edition of 50 //]

Once again, I am merely calling this above as the Bandcamp site does but this is actually a split between Magic Meru (Side A) and Jaques Le Shot (Side B).    I am familiar with Magic Meru now, after hearing them on the prior VERYDEEPRECORDS release, which was their first I believe and this is their second), so a lot of this is just being introduced to Jaques Le Shot and feeling more smooth vibes from Magic Meru.

To say this Magic Meru side is magic would be somewhat of a cliche, but when I listen to it I can hear these synthwave tones of some beats going on in a time when cassettes actually did rule the world (because there were no compact discs yet), and somehow I can also hear a little bit of something else in this celestial trill.     For whatever reasons, this music tells the story to me of going through dark streets and meeting shady people.    While the music might be closer to the 1980's the atmosphere falls more in the 1950's or 1970's, specifically within a gritty detective novel.    This just has that sound of busting skulls and interviewing perps on your own terms and I love it.

On the flip side, Jaques Le Shot has the sound of "Knight Rider" in terms of tiny synth beats and beeps, but this could be set anywhere from outerspace to the future to a swamp somewhere.    There are these sort of whistles going on in the background that aren't quite crickets but could be some sort of wetlands insect, and yet at the same time if you told me this was a version of the "Flash Gordon" soundtrack I might believe you because a lot of it does have that similar vibe.   In any case, this seems to go through a certain story from start to finish that is worth experiencing for yourself.

Once again, Magic Meru has left me wanting more and being introduced to a new artist by an artist I already like has quite possibly never proven me wrong.    I'll be damned if this is the split cassette that does it.

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