Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Sikora / O'Hara / Lacey “Arbour” (Fort Evil Fruit)

                This is a trio featuring Catherine Sikora on Side A and then Side B is Catherine Sikora flying solo.    On Side A she is joined by Colm O’Hara and David Lacey. 

                For Side A, which is called “Arbour”, there are these background percussion noises which are just full on percussion and then it has the free flow jazz sound to it.    Lacey handles the percussion, which is cool, and then O’Hara has the trombone which I didn’t pick out and Sikora herself brings out that prominent tenor saxophone vibe. 
                This could be art jazz, but it gets heavier and crazier as it goes on.   It has a definite build to it until it becomes so frantic it just gets quiet again.   The track (which is nearly 40 minutes in length) ends with applause, so I’m guessing it was recorded in front of an audience and the quality of this recording just wouldn’t have had me believe that otherwise.
                Side B is a demonstration by Catherine Sikora as to what a tenor saxophone can do when played properly and perhaps with a bit of insanity as this is just amazing.     Though it’s not what you might think of right away when imagining that classically trained jazz or blues musician, it is still up there with the best of them and this cassette on the whole is just a fitting tribute to the sheer genius of Catherine Sikora.  

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