Friday, July 11, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: L.V. Morris “Minor Defeats” (Rocket Machine)

                This L.V. Morris cassette (Though I’m listening to it as MP3s because, you know, Australia and being sold out and all) begins with drone but then has some ghost in the machine type screams as well.  It has this haunting whirring type of sound that just has me listening and not wanting it to end.   There is a door swinging open in the breeze and I come to the conclusion that this could be a ghost filled hurricane or tornado. 

                Someone call Roger Corman.  I have his next movie idea.  GHOSTNADO!
                The second track, which would be Side B, has more of a nautical beeping, like a submarine and it makes me feel as if someone is lost at sea.   This makes me question as to whether or not perhaps Side A was a storm taking place over the water as opposed to on land. 

                Through the static and soft or distant banging and audio clips, this is one of my favorite cassettes released by Rocket Machine (Which says a lot, because Rocket Machine just keeps cranking out the hits) even though I, sadly, do not own any Rocket Machine cassettes myself.  One day I’ll put all these MP3s onto cassette, but until then, download this and love it as much as I do.  

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