Wednesday, July 9, 2014


            This is a lot of beats.  If you put this on and tried to keep up with it in terms of dancing, I think you’d probably die before you reached the end of the cassette because it just has that much power behind it.   The opening explicitly states that there were no computers used in the making of this and I think that’s pretty neat.

            Somewhere between electro, rave, techno and even 8bit, M27 is clearly showing everyone how it is done when you want a beat you can dance to, and on some levels also just rage to.    There is more than one time that I’m picturing kids with ring pops moving in the lights with glowsticks and what not else.

            Amidst the audio clips, there is also some sampling.   Some of it I recognize, but admittedly most of the songs I simply do not.   Though really, if you don’t pick up on “Good Vibrations”, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. 

            So what do you do with this cassette other than party?   Drive around late at night with no headlights on?   A lot of uppers?   Run?  Work out in general?   I don’t know for me personally, but this cassette will give you massive amounts of energy for sure.   Use it wisely.  

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