Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Harrison Granacher “2006 – 2011” (Plastic Response Records)

            First and foremost I need to give a shout out to Harrison Granacher and Plastic Response Records for clearly stating on the j-card that this cassette has the same song on both sides.   You don’t know how many times I have either thought that Side A and B were the same but couldn’t be sure, or worse, began listening to Side B only to find out after twenty minutes or so that it was in fact the same as Side A.   Knowing these things in advance always works in the favor of the listener and anyone who isn’t straight up with you like this is not to be trusted.

            This is one really long track, nearly twenty four minutes in length, and it has what I consider to be three movements.   It begins ambient, with the quietness, but as it goes on it does eventually fade into nothing.   Yes, there is a bit of dead air in here but that is okay because it makes for a nice break into what I consider to be the second movement.

            Some beats come out, and it gets a little bit louder in the middle.  It picks up to where it can become almost 8bit in sound, but I’m not sure those were the direct instruments used in its creation.    I need to create a genre that sounds like 8bit but without using a Gameboy (or computer program) and call it fakebit, but I bet it already exists and is called something else.

            The third and final act is not as quiet as the first and not as loud as the second, as it has more of a moderate tone and could be considered to be FNL.  It isn’t easy to think up something that these patterns can fit to, but it does make a lot of sense.  If you start something slow, then pick up the pace it only stands to reason that you will tire and slow down but maybe not as slow as when you first started.

            I keep thinking of it in terms of running a marathon, or some sort of running that isn’t a straight sprint, but I feel like there is no style that runs like this.   Maybe I should start running like this and seem what happens.  (Walk/Run/Jog)

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