Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Fun with Nuns “Heavy Metal”

            One of the things about this Fun with Nuns cassette is that it tells you inside of it how it was made.   It is a recording of found metal objects being banged and scraped along outside of someone’s house.   While I don’t mind removing the current from the wizard, it still makes me question a lot of what I hear when I listen to music such as this.

            For one thing, I knew right when I started this cassette that it wasn’t called “Heavy Metal” because of that music genre or because of the movie, but rather because of the metal objects being involved in the making of it.   But to me, it sounds like a lot of pots and pans are being banged around in a kitchen. 

            I can hearing the scraping, the sliding, the shifting and it makes more sense that was done outside, but for whatever reason I still thought of this as being recorded in a kitchen and I’m not sure how I worked out that one logically. 

            This cassette also makes me wonder if anyone has ever put a tape recorder on them (Like when people used to snitch in old movies) and went into some random restaurant’s kitchen and started banging and making noises.    While illegal, that would also be a certain amount of fun to hear, especially if you didn’t get caught.

            None the less, without encouraging crimes, I’m not sure what this has to do with nuns exactly, but I do find it to be appealing because it can tell you how it is being made but you can still form your own opinions about the recipe and that is just brilliant.  

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