Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Boys Age “Amazing Stories” (Plastic Response Records)

            From what I can tell after a quick glance at Bandcamp, Boys Age is from Japan but they get around on many cassette labels.  Some names such as Bleeding Gold and Rubber Brother Records jumped right out at me.   So for all their music and having prior cassettes on labels that I know, it seems fitting I would hear them for the first time on a label I was also being introduced to for the first time.

            The majority of Side A on this cassette offers me no real comparisons to make.  It’s indie pop rock, but not in the college radio way because the sounds of Boys Age drift closer to that of garage or even twee.    It is not until almost the very last song on Side A that I can begin to hear Beck coming out, and while that might not be the best comparison at least, so far, it is something.

            A few more bands come out for me on Side B.   Not a lot, but more than Side A at least.   Polyphonic Spree and Phantom Planet are two that come out right away.   Then we get into some vocal patterns which are elongated and change pitch, so of course that naturally brings out Chris Isaak for me, but also that acoustic sort of “OK Computer” Radiohead vibe.

            Overall, Boys Age is a band that you might already know and love, but if you’re slow to the chase sometimes like me, and this is something you’ve never heard before I highly recommend starting with this cassette and then immediately going and buying everything else you can as well related to Boys Age.  

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