Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Voids “Burial in the Sky” (popnihil)

            When it comes to experimental type of noise, Voids seems to find themselves dancing all over the various aspects of it, never missing a beat or a chance to stand out while fitting in.

            What begins as tingy synth drone on Side A comes out also as something that isn’t too much unlike the band Live somehow, but don’t ask me how that reference got in there.   After some bongs we get a bell drone ala The Undertaker, which is interesting for the burial portion of the title. 
            Some pretty loud noises come out with strings at times, and then there is some crackling static.  There are some beeps and then siren-like frequencies, so all I can imagine based upon the title is that this is the sound of the plane not crashing but rather just exploding, disintegrating in the sky.

            Side B begins more triumphant somehow, perhaps it is the ascension, and then it turns industrial ala Nine Inch Nails’ “The Day The Whole World Went Away”.   There is an acoustic guitar and harmonica somehow (Don’t ask me) before the strings return after that cowboy vibe.

            The cassette ends with piano and “ahhhh’s” in an uplifting, almost spiritual sort of way, and if the first side is the plane exploding then the second side would be that crossover into the afterlife perhaps.    Granted, I may misinterpret many different artists as having similar experiences in their music, but I hear what I hear.  

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