Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Crowhurst “Total Collapse” (popnihil)

                Crowhurst is a band (And I use that term loosely, because it’s more of a collection of like minded individuals operating with, but mostly, Jay Gambit) that I first found because of, I believe, their involvement with Static Reason, which they then lead me to Tanner Garza and a number of other names that I seemingly listen to on end these days.  At one point, I had tried to download and review all of their music, but such feats these days elude me because of time and the overwhelming number of artists I would like to review full discographies for but I feel so far behind on.

                Needless to say, I have heard a great deal of Crowhurst and whether or not I’ve reviewed any of it is lost on me at the moment, though I know that this is most certainly my first cassette review for them.             
                When peaceful, Crowhurst brings out the static noise that could come from a television set, late at night as someone has fallen asleep and the channel they were watching had stopped broadcasting.   But Crowhurst can also be downright terrifying.   Their music can be the audio capture of destruction.  It is loud.  It is the sound of the entire world crumbling down around you.

                The first two songs on here feature guest vocals from Dorian Wood, who screams and speaks in a manner that can most certainly frighten children.    He enhances the sort of metal vibe that Crowhurst can bring out just as easily on their own.  

                Side B is live and I love nothing more than improvised sounding noise such as this.    A must have for fans of Crowhurst, this cassette is also just worth listening to whatever your genre of choice might be.

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