Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Alosi Den “live from the school of disembodied poetics” (Desert Home Recordings)

            When this cassette first begins, there is some screaming over piano and it reminds me of Alison Ranger, which makes me think we’re in for some indie hardcore ala mewithoutYou even, and based on the title I figure why not, but then we take a turn onto the other side of the spectrum.

            Alosi Den offer up some indie pop rock jams that can get slow or be fairly fast.  At times, they can blend the sounds of Pink Floyd and Soul Asylum while at other times they seemingly channel The Benjamins and Beatles together.

            By the end, I am convinced that I have heard some traces of early Modest Mouse, but really this is just indie rock that borders on the side of fun and eclectic.  

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