Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Underwater Escape from the Black Hole “Remain Constant”

                This would be the third different piece of music I heard from Underwater Escape from the Black Hole, as the first was a cassette and the second was a split with I Like You Go Home.   There are, from what I can best tell, three different sort of sections to this piece, “Remain Constant”, and as such, if this was going to be on cassette it would somehow have to have a Side A, Side B and Side C.

                When this starts, it is a chorus of spatial ambient “ahhhhhh’s” that gives way to a loop of dee-doo’s.    This serves as act one in some ways, as it begins to pick up the pace after that.  It becomes almost 8bit for the second act, as there are cymbal beats and just a whole lot of beats in general.

                Somewhere in what I would call the second act, as the pace is rising, it resembles an instrumental version of Panic at the Disco or My Chemical Romance.   It definitely takes on a large amount of emergency static before settling into the third act.

                Our story concludes with Doctor Who like tones that mesh with the pounding of Nine Inch Nails.  This somehow becomes uplifting, almost like FNL, before taking a relaxing turn and ending on what is much more peaceful of a note than the middle of the piece but somewhat back to where we started.

                 I attribute this to being somewhat like going up a hill, reaching the top, then going back down again.   But given the name, I think it only seems fitting that you think of this as being a circle, the true form of forever being constant, and well, by the end we truly have come full circle. 

                 In the spirit of remaining constant, one of the best things I think you can do with this piece of music as well is just put it on repeat to enhance the overall effects.   Playing it through from beginning to end is fine, but that repeat button makes it so much better.  

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