Friday, March 7, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Warm Soda "Young Reckless Hearts" (Castle Face)

             As I listen to this band, I contemplate their name more than anything else.  I do enjoy my soda at room temperature, which is to say that if I’m drinking from a bottle (usually Mountain Dew) I neither refrigerate it nor do I put ice in my cup.  I do drink soda that is cold sometimes, but for whatever reason I prefer it to be at room temperature for the most part.

            Now here is the biggest scam in history that people fall for on the regular: fast food places and their fountain beverages.   When you go to Taco Bell and get Mountain Dew Baja Blast from their tap, it comes out cold.    So by ice being added to it, you’re just taking away from the actual amount of soda you are consuming (which is costing them pennies) and only effectively adding something which will only melt and dilute what you’re paying for to begin with.

            The bottom line, people, is that your soda is already cold when it comes from the fountain and thus, you do not need to add ice to it so stop doing it.   Always ask for no ice.   Always.

            I’ve actually left cans of soda open in the van before, in Houston, and come out of the library to drink them and they were well beyond warm, so yeah, not having ice in your Baja Blast will not be the end of the world for you.

            This music itself is somewhere between the Angus soundtrack and Empire Records, providing that fuzz rock you could find with Smoking Popes yet the almost grunge indie rock style of The Replacements.  It’s a good mix and despite my love of soda (and particular facets of it) taking over this review, yeah, you should be listening to this one still.  

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