Friday, March 7, 2014

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Ava Luna "Electric Balloon" (Western Vinyl Records)

            This begins as a cross between art rock ala early Liars and something like the Talking Heads.  It goes back and forth between female and male vocals, though they also can sing at the same time or during the same song.   It reminds me of Be Your Own Pet in ways as well.

            There are really two different sides to this music, and the fact that they mix them and execute them both so perfectly just makes this brilliant.   If it’s not the rock n roll that meets the indie rock that seems to have no rhyme or reason, then it turns quite soulful and reminds me of that song that starts with “Baby’s got blue skies” and, yes, I’m too lazy to look up who sings that song right now.   Just listen to this, as it is good and the specific comparisons don’t matter and will come to me later when I  no longer need them.  

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