Friday, March 7, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Plom “Energia escandalosa” (San Jose Tapes)

            These nine songs from Plom range from ambient synth to 8bit pop in sound.   They have some dark bits of synth at times, ala Nine Inch Nails, and at other times they can come through either choppy or very poppy, almost like it’s bouncing.

            The real story to contemplate here though seems to be in the audio clips that are interlaced within the music.   No, I don’t mean the one about Michael Bolton.   There is an interesting sound byte on here about musicians are natural peacemakers.  I must say that in some ways I tend to agree and even if we don’t like the music of the country we’re trying to go to war with, I’m sure that someone we do like the music of could help us inevitably work it out.  

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